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Clinic Director


Plans, organizes, and directs the essential administrative functions of the Clinic. Coordinates and directs patient care according to regulations and accepted accreditation standards. Works with the Medical Staff to coordinate the functions of patient care services. Responsible for management of all departments of the Clinic.


  • Prepares staffing schedules, including coordination of vacations and holidays; reviews daily time and attendance sheets.
  • Analyzes and evaluates the performance of the patient care staff and counsels as appropriate.
  • Assists in formulating the Clinic's budget.
  • Promotes positive and effective working relationships among the health care team.
  • Oversees all annual reviews for all departments within the Clinic.
  • Makes daily staff assignments and delegates duties according to experience and skill level.
  • Coordinates patient care activities with medical staff and health care team members to provide continuity of patient care.
  • Oversees OSHA compliance for the Clinic.
  • Applies management principles to establish procedures for use, cleaning, and maintenance of patient care equipment and supplies.
  • Promotes cost‑effectiveness and implements procedures to control waste.
  • Identifies and evaluates need for items relative to trends and physician requests.
  • Reviews inventory for availability of supplies and equipment necessary for patient needs.
  • Initiates requisitions to replenish inventory and to order new products.

    Graduate of accredited school of nursing required

    Current state licensure required

    Health care management experience required, particularly in a Clinic setting

    Bachelor's degree in nursing preferred

    Job Type: Full-time



    Contributes to the progress and development of the approved Quality Management Program.

    Supports risk management and participates in programs directed to patient and staff safety.

    Contributes to the quality management process; identifies role and contributions upon request.

    Objectively evaluates suggestions, grievances, and processes to identify opportunities to improve performance and quality of care.

    Supports efforts to achieve full staff development and to identify staffing patterns and problems.

    Participates in evaluation of the quality of care rendered by the anesthesia staff.

    Communicates effectively with patients, visitors, physicians, and co-workers.

    Interactions are respectful and courteous.

    Communicates effectively and professionally using a translator when necessary.

    Documents that information received from the patient is disseminated to the appropriate people or departments.

    Maintains and promotes professional competence through continuing education and other learning experiences.

    Participates in committees, conferences, and quality management activities.

    Researches and submits pertinent articles for review at staff meetings.

    Seeks new learning experiences by accepting challenging opportunities and responsibilities.

    Objectively evaluates suggestions or criticisms and attempts to improve performance or seeks further guidance, as needed.

    Maintains membership in relevant professional organizations.

    Attends and actively participates in meetings, committees, inservices, workshops, seminars, and conferences according to job responsibilities and Facility requirements.

    Organizes and participates in orientation and staff development programs to meet identified learning needs.

    Functions according to State professional regulatory board regarding the practice of nurse anesthetists.

    Adheres to safety policies and procedures in performing job duties and responsibilities.

    Reports observed or suspected violations, hazards, and noncompliance according to Facility policy.

    Observes safety measures in performance of job duties and responsibilities; enforces compliance with safety and security policies and procedures.

    Responds to emergency situations with competence and composure.

    Interacts appropriately with various age groups.

    Accurately assesses and interprets age-specific patient data.

    Accurately interprets age-specific patient responses to questions and instructions.

    Involves the patient's family/significant other in decision-making about the patient's care.

    Provides care appropriate to the patient's age group.

    Accurately applies knowledge of growth and development.

    Considers age-specific patient requirements when responding to emergency situations.

    Provides quality pre-anesthesia care for patients.

    Confirms review and documentation of patient status for compliance with admission requirements and informed consent.

    Performs thorough preoperative assessment for scheduled procedure(s).

    Confirms that medical clearance and diagnostic tests are performed, reviewed, and documented.

    Confirms that the pre-anesthesia machine check is completed and documented before beginning anesthesia.

    Reviews and follows the prescribed anesthesia plan and fulfills responsibilities delegated by the supervising physician.

    Performs within guidelines of specific privileges approved by the governing body.

    Confers with the supervising physician and surgeon about the anesthetic to be administered.

    Performs and documents orders and considerations specified by the surgeon.

    Performs anesthesia functions as directed.

    Performs monitoring procedures pertinent to the anesthetic management of the patient and according to the type of anesthetic administered.

    Provides postoperative anesthesia care of the patient.

    Transfers care and reports to the postoperative nurse.

    When necessary, performs and documents postoperative visit to check the patient's vital signs and complications related to the anesthesia care.

    Maintains knowledge of current Standards and Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiac Care (American Heart Association).

    Recognizes and takes appropriate corrective action for abnormal patient responses to anesthesia, adjunctive medication, or other forms of therapy.









    5 years of experience preferred in an Ambulatory Surgery Center environment.


    Medical Assistant I

    We are a large medical practice with an immediate opening for a certified medical assistant


    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to include greeting, escorting, and assessing a diverse patient population.
    • Prepares patients for examination and treatment of various urologic procedures.
    • Must be familiar and comfortable with urologic anatomy.
    • Prepares and maintains supplies and equipment for treatments, including sterilization.
    • Ensures that exam rooms are prepped, cleaned, and stocked in preparation for patients and between patients as required.
    • Prepares exam and treatment rooms with necessary instruments.
    • Must be able to demonstrate competency in sterile technique.
    • Gives injections and perform necessary procedures as required (bladder scans, catheter insertion/changes, etc).
    • Must be able to utilize electronic medical records for documentation.
    • Records patient data prior to each physician visit, including but not limited to, vital signs, height, weight, allergies, previous surgical procedures, and medication changes.
    • Assists physicians and clinicians with patient care duties in a clinical environment.
    • Effectively use necessary PPE as appropriate and abide by safe handling and disposal protocols of medical equipment and materials.
    • Ability to work independently or in a team setting.
    • Strong commitment to patient care and privacy guidelines.
    • Strong time management skills and a desire to work in a busy, fast-paced clinic.
    • Reliable transportation required.

    EDUCATION : High school degree or GED diploma is required, plus completion of an accredited Medical Assistant program. Some advanced training in typing and office procedures and knowledge of medical terminology are also required .

    Required Certification, Registration, and/or Licensure: Current CPR certification, plus certification, registration or diploma as a medical assistant.

    EXPERIENCE: 1 to 2 year’s experience preferred in a physician’s practice or clinic setting.

    Nurse Navigator- BPH



    Provides direct patient care and comprehensive coordination of care for patients and caregivers in a Clinic setting. Increase patient and provider satisfaction, maintain point of contact with providers and collaborate with multidisciplinary team to ensure timely diagnosis, testing and treatment.

    The nurse navgiator position currently open is for BPH Navigator.


    Coordinates communication between patient and urologist. Assists in facilitating treatment (appointments and diagnostic testing) and educate patients/caregivers to better understand

    diagnosis. Oversees the daily planning, scheduling, and implementation of clinical activities for navigated patients. 


    Associates degree in Nursing preferred, medical assistant certification minimum

    Current State of Louisiana Licensure or certification


    Nurse Practitioner


    LOCATIONS: Shreveport, Natchitoches



    • Responsible for Clinic Monday through Friday.
    • Enters patient information in electronic hospital record charts.
    • Works closely with Regional Urology physicians for follow-up care.



    • None


    • Nurse Practitioner License
    • Minimum of 3-5 years of nursing experience preferred, but not required.
    • New NP graduates are welcome to apply.
    • Urology experience preferred, but not required.



    Oncology RN

    Chemotherapy/Infusion Registered Nurse – Advance Prostate Therapy Clinic


    Job Duties:

    Mixing and Administering of Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy at an outpatient setting

    Provide Patient Education on new treatment regimens

    Manages Chemotherapy Infusion Center

    Orders medications and supplies, oversee daily clinic operations

    Manage Bone Health Clinic

    Oversee operations for bone health patients undergoing ADT therapy, including ordering Prolia, Xgeva and Eligard

    Assisting physicians with the clinic operations and patient education



    Graduate of a Registered Nurse Degree Program with Valid Louisiana License.

    Chemotherapy infusion experience preferred

    BLS certified – ACLS preferred

    Candidate has successfully passed the Chemotherapy/Biotherapy Course

    Oncology Certified Registered Nurse

    Proficient in IV access, experience with Central Line Catheters and CVA devices

    Charge Nurse or Managerial experience preferred.

    Familiar with OSHA requirements and guidelines

    Job Type: Full-time

    OR Nurse (PRN)

    Responsible for the delivery of safe and appropriate nursing care required for patients prior to, during and after their surgical procedures. The candidate should possess strong skills in critical thinking and effective communication.

    Duties to include:

    • Assess, plan, implement, and evaluate patient care
    • Monitor and recognize changes in patient condition
    • Provide quality healthcare and promote the well-being of those we serve


    • Current valid Louisiana RN license
    • Previous experience required

    Job Type: Part-time

    PACU Nurse (PRN)

    The PACU RN’s duties will include, but are not limited to:

    • Monitoring post-op patients during recovery in an outpatient setting
    • Monitoring vital signs
    • Administering necessary medications
    • Pain assessment
    • Educating patients and their families about post- op homecare instructions


    • Registered Nurse currently licensed in Louisiana
    • Graduated from an approved school of nursing
    • Three (3) years PACU
    • Current BLS/ACLS certification

    Job Type: Part-time

    Procedure Hall Nurse (PRN & Full-Time positions)


    Job responsibilities:

    • Organizes nursing activities efficiently; considers staff abilities when delegating activities.
    • Uses equipment effectively by anticipating patient needs and providing appropriate care.
    • Confirms that proper techniques and procedures are used according to accepted standards of practice.
    • Assists with inventory of supplies, drugs, and equipment to maintain availability and stock levels in pre/postoperative areas.
    • Considers cost-effectiveness in the provision of care.
    • Maintains order and cleanliness of pre/postoperative areas.
    • Performs thorough preoperative patient assessment required by the outpatient setting.
    • Assists in assessing the physical and emotional status of the patient upon admission according to Facility policy.
    • Develops a plan for patient care based on assessment data; implements and documents preoperative care according to Facility policy.
    • Informs patient and family about routine care and procedures related to the perioperative experience.
    • Provides comfort and reassurance to the patient and supports the patient's right to privacy, dignity, and confidentiality. Performs safe and individualized nursing care for the patient in the immediate postoperative period.
    • Assesses and documents the patient's physical and emotional status upon arrival in the post-operative area.
    • Documents postoperative care in the postoperative area during the patient's recovery from anesthesia/sedation according to Facility policy.


    We have both a Full Time and a PRN position open.


    • Graduate of accredited school of nursing required
    • Current state license required-- Registered Nurse (RN)



    Scheduling Nurse I

    Large multi-physician medical practice has an immediate opening for an RN for a surgery scheduling position. Previous experience is required. Responsibilities include scheduling of all testing and surgical procedures, working with the hospital and joint vendors to secure all needed equipment for the procedures, scheduling/obtaining medical clearances as ordered, coordinating all testing needed and completing necessary paperwork for procedures and testing.

    Receives instructions from physicians about which surgery or test is recommended.

    Schedule surgery and post-operative follow up visits

    Discusses pre-operative instructions with the patient, as directed by physicians.

    Schedules operating room time, according to physician scheduling protocols; faxes H&P to hospital admitting department.

    Educate patients how to prepare for surgery and what to expect post operatively

    Schedules all appropriate pre-operative tests and blood work.

    Coordinates all business and clinical paperwork prior to surgery, using physician-approved forms and checklists; has paperwork ready for surgeon prior to the day of surgery

    Verify all clearances are complete prior to surgery


    Excellent people handling and problem-solving skills

    Work professionally and accurately in a fast paced environment

    Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail

    A high degree of accuracy in obtaining and recording information; computer skills

    Must have previous experience as a surgery scheduler

    Must be able to schedule for multiple physicians with a high patient volume


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