State of the Art Vasectomy Reversal at Regional Urology

29 Apr 2017

Regional Urology is pleased to offer the first fellowship trained male fertility specialist in the Ark-La-Tex. Dr. Jared Moss joined RegionalUrology in August 2016 after completing  his male fertility fellowship at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL. Urologist who have completed this type of training are very rare and make up approximately 1% of urologist is the U.S.

Prior to Dr. Moss’s arrival, men who desired state of the art vasectomy reversal had to travel to Houston, Dallas, or New Orleans. These major cities were typically the only places to find a physician who was fellowship trained in male fertility and capable of performing vasectomy reversals with an operating microscope. Couples that were unwilling to travel often had to proceed directly with in vitro fertilization which is typically much more expensive.

Fellowship training and operative microscopes are important points for men desiring vasectomy reversal. This is because the success rates are typically higher and the physician can perform the more complex vasoepididimostomy (VE) reconstruction when needed. Importantly, there is no way to know pre-operatively if men will require the more complex VE reconstruction versus the standard reconstruction. Patients considering this type of surgery should always inquire about whether their surgeon can perform this type of reconstruction beforehand.

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