Urolift in the News

06 Mar 2017

Dr. Mazzarella discussed the Urolift procedure on several local news stations including KTAL NBC 6, KMSS Fox 33 and KSHV 45. We'd like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Miller for his participation. See the story below:


Mason Miller, Urolift patient and local bus driver, "I could get in my car and by the time I get down the road 15 minutes not even 10 minutes I'll need to use the restroom."

It's a problem that most men naturally grow into, an enlarged prostate. Benign prostatic hyperplasia can pose a big problem for men, but a new approach called Urolifft is offering relief.

Dr. Mazarella, from Regional Urology, "We go in with a scope and place these tiny little devices that instead of scraping the entire inside of the prostate it lift and hold it open. It reestablish the channel that helps men go to the bathroom more easily and most importantly relieves most of those symptoms that are bothering people."

As a local bus driver and avid traveler Mr. Miller was definitely hindered by frequent breaks.

Miller, "Every time I went somewhere to stop every 30 to 45 minutes or if I do travel I wouldn't drink anything."

Without the need for medication or the worry of lasting sexual side effects that are associated with past surgeries, The Urolift is helping men return to their normal day to day life.

Dr. Mazarella, "I ask patients to take the next day after the procedure kinda easy, but many man I'm allowing to go back to work the following day with relatively few restrictions."

Four months after the Urolift procedure Mr. Miller is back to feeling like his younger self.

Miller, "I feel great! I get up use the restroom. I go places and I don't have to have that urgency to use the restroom."

So a little advice to the men out there. Mr. Miller, "Stop being stubborn! Go get yourself checked out!"


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