Watch Dr. Henderson and Caitlyn Abney, PA on KTBS!

19 Feb 2018


Do you see the KTBS HealthWatch segment on February 16?  Dr. Jonathan Henderson and Caitlyn Abney, PA, were talking about how genetics can play a role in determining cancers that you, or your loved ones, may develop.  It's important to know family history of rare cancers and to be screened.  It doesn't determine if you will or won't have cancer, but information is key!  It allows you to be vigilant in regular screenings and these results can advise your treating physician on how to develop a treatment plan that's right for you.  Genes tell us a lot!  


Why is Regional Urology heading this up?  We believe caring for our patients is the most important and if we can help them identify these genes, it may help us predict cancers (such as prostate cancer) and we can help our patients seek specialists for the cancers we don't treat.  It's amazing what this knowledge does, not just for our patient but for their immediate family as well.  We're excited to be on the forefront of this screening and helping save lives!  Watch the full segment at the link below.

Watch Dr. Henderson and Caitlyn Abney, PA on KTBS!



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