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Fast MRI shows potential as prostate cancer screening method

“MRI improved detection of clinically significant prostate cancer without increasing overdiagnosis…..”

Evolving and understanding categorization of prostate cancer

This was a professional publication in the Canadian Journal of Urology. Dr. Jonathan Henderson was a contributor.

Kidney Stones Linked to Elevated Glucose in Men

“Elevated blood glucose levels, even within the nondiabetic range, are associated with an increased risk of kidney stones in men, but not women, according to investigators.”

Spike in Urologic Cancers Predicted

“Meanwhile, fearing the virus, patients have held off going to doctors for routine care and screening as well as emergency departments for more immediate concerns”

Leon Spinks, ex-heavyweight champ who upset Muhammad Ali, dies at 67

“In 2019, he was in and out of the hospital while undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.”

PSA screening in prostate cancer: The controversy continues

“The recommendation notes that some men in this population may have a positive benefit-risk profile with screening…”

Active Surveillance of Prostate Cancer a Viable Option for Men Under 60

“Among 2,084 patients treated with active surveillance of low-risk prostate cancer, those enrolled when they were younger than age 60 had rates of…”

Nighttime Smartphone Use a Bad Call for Male Fertility?

“Men who reach for their smartphone or laptop at night may be harming their fertility, early research suggests.”

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