Patient Navigators

Meet your Bladder Navigator!

At Regional Urology, we are thankful to have Lynn Moffitt as our Bladder Navigator! She is passionate about assisting patients to improved health and quality of life. She is quick to check in on each of them by phone to see how their treatment options are working and schedules them an appointment or procedure if needed– no need to talk to another team member!  She is an asset to the care of our Overactive Bladder patients and the patients love her.  If you are faced with an Overactive Bladder diagnosis, Lynn is here to help.

(318) 682-4594

Meet your BPH Navigator!

Regional Urology is excited to introduce our BPH Navigator, Derek Dunigan. Derek is here to guide you through your individualized treatment pathway for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).  He is passionate about helping patients and ensuring that you understand your diagnosis and treatment options. He will check in with you in between visits to track your progress and is eager to help you with anything he can. Feel free to reach out to Derek with any questions or concerns you have regarding your diagnosis.  He is here to help! 

(318) 698-5511 

Meet your Prostate Cancer Navigator!

At Regional Urology, our Prostate Cancer navigator Diamond Frazier, RN, guides our patients through their fight against prostate cancer. She cares deeply for the patients she works with, and aims to be an open line of communication should you have any questions or concerns. Diamond aids patients in understanding their treatment pathways and is ready to walk along side you as you battle prostate cancer. You are not alone!

(318) 698-5512